Auto-Released Assets

The following releases have been automatically released. As such, they do not contain bespoke elements such as hand-written descriptions or preview images. However, they are fully capable releases.

For best results, use the Download Manager to automatically keep up to date with releases and updates. The download manager is entirely optional, and you can download and install files manually as you see fit.

Expect small releases pushed out often.

I am taking a "nightly build" approach to auto-releases. Whenever I finish working on a model for the day, I push a new release, regardless of if the model is finished and "ready for release" proper. Read the changelogs to see if you think the updates are worth downloading. And always remember: expect updates to break your existing projects.

Small, inconsequential things like random props I build will be released here as well. The whole point of this system is to motivate me to share all the things I make, by taking the chore of big grand releases out of the equation.